Saturday, 23 January 2016

Say Hello to my New to Me Sewing Machine!

Hi everyone Akhil here. I have something to share with you all. It's my sewing!
Say hello to my new to me sewing machine!

My beautiful Pfaff

Although I do own a other sewing machines I'm very excited to share this sewing machine with you all. It is a beautiful Pfaff Quilt Expression 2044. I got this lovely piece of machine of the internet from a lovely lady who bought this machine back in 2003! I have been having a great time playing around with it and getting familiar on how to operate it.

This sewing machine has great sewing features like needle down, mirror imaging stitches. The most important feature for me would be the IDT (Integrated Dual Transportation). This allows fabric to feed evenly. I hear it's great for quilt making. Here's a great photo of it.
IDT which is the black contraption behind the pressure foot

It also has 76 built-in stitches, a complete alphabet and numeric stitches with full punctuation, 3 styles buttonholes and has a couple of specialty quilt stitches. My Pfaff also has the ability to taper satin stitch (whatever that means). Here's my awesome photography skills... didn't quite do justice to the abundance of stitches available on the lid did I...
All those stitches man! 

Along with the Pfaff sewing machine, I received a relatively large acrylic extension table that is ginormous, it is as big as my head! So large. It also came with its original accessories and a lot of empty bobbins.

I will be making a couple of projects (yet to be decided) on this beautiful new to me sewing machine. I will be posting updates of my experiences with it and even do sewing tutorial or two using this machine so watch this space!

P.S. I may do another one of these Sewing machine post in the near future. So even more reason to subscribe and watch this space.