Sunday, 17 January 2016

Projects for 2016

Hi again, Akhil here. I would like to share a core question with you all. "What will I be sewing in 2016?"
This is something I have thought about for sometime. In saying this I would like to make a public list of the projects I would love to complete (hopefully it gets completed as I am an enthused starter and a poor finisher. Can you relate?) this year.

The first things I would ideally like to start on in 2016 is to complete UFO's also known as unfinished object. I loathed the time I threw away projects, not only because of the precious space they take but the fact that I know I will never ever EVER finish it. Mainly because of my change of interest and left a project on standby long enough for me to forget what I was meant to make... don't you dare judge me! haha.
The unfinished projects which needs completing are 2 completed quilt tops which needs to be prepared for quilting, 3 quilts which are I need to complete piecing, 1 t-shirt made of a beautiful stripped light weight knit fabric which needs the neckline to be hemmed or bind (undecided) and side seams to be sewn together and 1 lovely navy blue coat which needs pockets, buttonholes and buttons to be sewn one. So... what do you think of my fantastic list of uncompleted sewing projects?

My list of projects to start making in 2016

- Fig Tree Quilt
- Carolina Lily Quilt
- Texas Garden Quilt

Specialty/Custom Quilt
Pokemon Quilt (more info about this quilt will be published soon.)

2 complete outfits consisting of a pair of pants, shirt and jacket

Make free-motion embroidery samplers.

So... here's my list of projects to start in 2016. I will be documenting my progress for each project from start to finish. Hopefully I haven't planned more than necessary... we'll see.

Thank you for reading another post. Until my next post happy sewing!