Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Free-motion Embroidery Sampler

Hi again Akhil here. I have to be honest, after my very first post I had a huge mental blank of what I should actually post next. I had a few ideas in mind yet I just could not for the love in me decide what I should post next but then after sometime I decided what I should post with huge support help of good friend I got it. Free-motion embroidery! Over the past several days I developed an interest in adult coloring books. Being me I first googled for adult coloring in pages. What I found was just staggering. I had no idea how popular coloring books and pages were. So after sometime I came up with the idea of printing out a coloring in page off the internet, color the picture in to my liking and then finally embroidering this on to fabric for a piece that will last for a very long time. Much longer than the page I colored in knowing how bad I am at keeping my paperwork together. Anyhow I digress. Allow me to share my progress with this sampler I am currently making to practice my mediocre free-motion embroidery skills.

The drawing which I decided to use is this majestic peacock design I found under google images.

After I chose my design the majestical peacock. (by the way peacocks are among my most favorite animal.) I made a print out of this design and colored it in with the colours of my choice. I used a lot of different shades of blues, 2 shades of greens, gold and purple. The lotuses are not my main focus of this sampler however i used 3 shades of pinks for the lotuses.

Once I had completed most of the coloring in I sought out a way to print the out line of this beautiful design on to an A4 printer size piece of calico fabric because I ain't got the time nor the patience to trace all these lines on to fabric. I would suggest to use a white or beige color fabric so the lines can be seen easily after you print on fabric.

In preparation of the fabric to be used in your home inkjet printer I cut an A4 printer paper size rectangular piece of calico (I used the actual A4 size paper as my template). I starched my piece of fabric liberally with fabric starch. Dry the piece of fabric with a very hot dry iron. You can repeat this step a second if needed. I repeated this step twice. After this I stuck the piece of fabric on to a piece of A4 printer paper ensuring the size of my fabric matches as close as possible. Install this you prepared fabric into the printer and then just print. If you printer has a slot for single feed pieces of paper (hope I explained well enough for you to understand) use that.

Once I printed the design I removed the the fabric from the paper backing, hooped the fabric with 2 layers of tear-away stabilizer

And then just stitch with the thread colors which closely resembles the colors you used on you coloring in page which you will now use as a reference guide. I recommend using an open toe free-motion foot for this free-motion embroidery as you can see the outlines much better as you stitch.

Here is my latest progress!

Thank you guys for taking the time to read this. Have ago it's extremely fun and relaxing. Share your progress with me too with pictures and everything.