Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Finishing a Yesteryear Project - a T-Shirt

Hey there, Akhil here once again. Recently this January I made a blog post about the projects which I want to achieve this new year of 2016. In this post I also mentioned some projects which I started last year (I also have a project I started several years ago) but have yet to finish... I know it's a bad habit. You'll be happy to know I am working on change. A change to start and finish projects...

Anyhow I'm glad to inform you I have been working on a T-shirt which I made last year sometime... Unfortunately can't remember when I started the project, I also vaguely remember why I started the project but again. None the less it's almost complete.

The sections of which I completed sewing on, were the neckline of the T-shirt

Sewing neckline of t-shirt

reinforcing the single fold hem of the sleeve,

reinforced sleeve hem with 2 rows of zig-zag stitch
as well as sewing the sides of the t-shirt together (apologies for no photo of this.). The next step will be to overlock/serge the raw edges of the side seams and then finally hem the bottom of the t-shirt for which I can call it done! Then I can move on to my next neglected project.

If you have any neglected projects, sewing projects stored away somewhere at home, in your sewing room, I encourage you to complete it and enjoy that accomplishment feeling.

FYI the sewing machine  I am using here is my new to me Pfaff quilt expression 2044. Refer to my earlier post for more info on this Pfaff.

I am in the middle of reorganising my sewing/bedroom/study area (yep 3 rooms in 1) so I maybe have to delay the final completion of this t-shirt for another day or so if I don't get the opportunity to finish it tomorrow.

Thank you for reading another post.