Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Shopping Haul.

Hi there... I know I know it has been a while since my last post. Life got in the way until today as I am really excited about my shopping haul from the Sydeny Stitch and Craft show last weekend. I had a great time although my sole purpose of attending was not fulfilled but not to worry as I bought fabric, tools and attended a workshop to make up for it.  aha. 

Let's me start with my fabrics! I bought lots of quilting cotton fabrics, majority of my fabric purchases are fat quarters. 

I love the fabrics I bought, I have already planned what to do with some of these fabrics. Although I have forgotten the exhibitor I bough these fabrics from.

With some fat quarters I already own I plan on starting the Carolina Lily quilt top. Here are the fabrics I chose for the lily flowers. All I need now is some green fabrics and some background fabric and then I can officially start.

Other items I've bought at the Stitch and Craft show are these kits. the one on the left was part of a workshop which I couldn't attend... but the one on the right is an adorable bear making kit, I am excited to try the bear making gig out. Oh and I bought some lovely Aurfil thread for the first time, so I am excited to sew with those threads although they were expensive.

One work shop I actually attended at the craft show is the english paper piecing workshop. All I can say is I really enjoyed this workshop so much I actually kept going. I bought several paper piecing supplies from Blue Willow Cottage, the exhibitor which held the english paper piecing class. Rhonda, who took the class was absolutely amazing and her tips and techniques from the thread to use, the needles which work best and the use of clips were just amazing. I plan to make a Grandmother's flower garden quilt with fabric scraps that are either too small for other projects or fabrics that just don't work well for my current quilt projects. 

My time at the Stitch and Craft show was amazing. It was my first time attending this particular craft show. I can wait for the next Sydney craft show which is the Quilt and Craft show later this year.

Thank you for taking the time a reading my post, I will be posting updates of my current projects which I have been working on in the next 2 weeks. so keep an eye out for it. Until my next post happy sewing!

Monday, 15 February 2016

Decision made, construction in progress!

Yes I have finally decided which patterns to make right now. I here's a picture of the patterns i have chosen.

 I am sewing currently making the Burda long pants pattern, Pattern A which is the pink pants
I am also making the Burda cartigan patter, Pattern B which is the brown cardigan.

I then took a loooooong time carting the actual pattern pieces. only to realise afterwards that I should've traced my pattern pieces on a separate piece of paper as I am currently trying to lose weight. Live and learn right.

I finiahed all the cutting on Thursday last week. Officially commenced construction of the pants pattern on Friday.

So many pieces!!!! I decided to make 2 pairs of these Burda pants. Using a water soluble marker to mark most of the sewing lines off the pattern not all... It's working out fine for now.

Here's my sewing space set up. I switched my Bernina Artista 200 sewing machine for my Pfaff Quilt Expression 2044 due to the dual feed feature as there is a lot of bulk to sew through I find the bottom feed is moving slightly faster on my Bernina. It's working great so far. My overlocker/serger has been working hard.

Hope you all are having a great start to your week. I will make more updates as my progress advances.
Thanks for reading.

Happy Sewing!

Monday, 8 February 2016

Decisions Decisions...

Hello you, *waving hand in greeting gesture*
In the past day or two I have been in small dilemma. As part of my 2016 projects, I decided to make 2 complete outfits which I intend to wear. I have bought several sewing patterns both physical and digital. Truth be told I have only managed to use like 2 patterns out of my many, many, MANY patterns which I have bought in the past several years, with high intentions to make them... well that rarely happened once the hype of purchasing these patterns subsided... I know shame on me. Although I have my reasons... one is I am a very very chubby guy who is on a very long weight loss journey (which might be story I will share one day) and my thought process of cutting out these patterns of a my current size now, I know I will need to essentially re-cut all the pieces again which does annoy me a little. But you know what I'm not going to worry about that. I'm going to focus on the present for now and my present situation which is to use as much as my fabric stash as possible so I can hopefully acquire a new overlocker/serger towards the end of 2016!

So here are some photos of me trying to decide the patterns to use and the fabric to use for my garments.

 My fabric stash takes two of those brown baskets, both are literally overflowing with fabric that needs to be made into something!

Anyhow once I have decided later today I will have a big cutting session, get that out of the way, and then I can start sewing, it's going to be fun!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I will bring updates of this project.
Happy sewing!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Finished T-shirt!

This t-shirt has taken a little longer than intended to finish but you know what... it's now finished.
And here it is!
The finished t-shirt
I have finished the raw side seams on the inside of the shirt with my overlocker/serger.
Just serging away.
And sewed a single turn hem on the bottom of the shirt with dark blue thread color.
single turn hem on bottom of shirt.
I did manage to try the shirt on after finishing it. The pattern came out well however the light weight knit fabric I chose is a little to thin. I will need to wear a black undershirt if I am to wear this.

By the way the shirt pattern is called Pete #BS-001 from Burda Styles website as a downloadable pattern.

Happy sewing!

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Finishing a Yesteryear Project - a T-Shirt

Hey there, Akhil here once again. Recently this January I made a blog post about the projects which I want to achieve this new year of 2016. In this post I also mentioned some projects which I started last year (I also have a project I started several years ago) but have yet to finish... I know it's a bad habit. You'll be happy to know I am working on change. A change to start and finish projects...

Anyhow I'm glad to inform you I have been working on a T-shirt which I made last year sometime... Unfortunately can't remember when I started the project, I also vaguely remember why I started the project but again. None the less it's almost complete.

The sections of which I completed sewing on, were the neckline of the T-shirt

Sewing neckline of t-shirt

reinforcing the single fold hem of the sleeve,

reinforced sleeve hem with 2 rows of zig-zag stitch
as well as sewing the sides of the t-shirt together (apologies for no photo of this.). The next step will be to overlock/serge the raw edges of the side seams and then finally hem the bottom of the t-shirt for which I can call it done! Then I can move on to my next neglected project.

If you have any neglected projects, sewing projects stored away somewhere at home, in your sewing room, I encourage you to complete it and enjoy that accomplishment feeling.

FYI the sewing machine  I am using here is my new to me Pfaff quilt expression 2044. Refer to my earlier post for more info on this Pfaff.

I am in the middle of reorganising my sewing/bedroom/study area (yep 3 rooms in 1) so I maybe have to delay the final completion of this t-shirt for another day or so if I don't get the opportunity to finish it tomorrow.

Thank you for reading another post.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Say Hello to my New to Me Sewing Machine!

Hi everyone Akhil here. I have something to share with you all. It's my sewing!
Say hello to my new to me sewing machine!

My beautiful Pfaff

Although I do own a other sewing machines I'm very excited to share this sewing machine with you all. It is a beautiful Pfaff Quilt Expression 2044. I got this lovely piece of machine of the internet from a lovely lady who bought this machine back in 2003! I have been having a great time playing around with it and getting familiar on how to operate it.

This sewing machine has great sewing features like needle down, mirror imaging stitches. The most important feature for me would be the IDT (Integrated Dual Transportation). This allows fabric to feed evenly. I hear it's great for quilt making. Here's a great photo of it.
IDT which is the black contraption behind the pressure foot

It also has 76 built-in stitches, a complete alphabet and numeric stitches with full punctuation, 3 styles buttonholes and has a couple of specialty quilt stitches. My Pfaff also has the ability to taper satin stitch (whatever that means). Here's my awesome photography skills... didn't quite do justice to the abundance of stitches available on the lid did I...
All those stitches man! 

Along with the Pfaff sewing machine, I received a relatively large acrylic extension table that is ginormous, it is as big as my head! So large. It also came with its original accessories and a lot of empty bobbins.

I will be making a couple of projects (yet to be decided) on this beautiful new to me sewing machine. I will be posting updates of my experiences with it and even do sewing tutorial or two using this machine so watch this space!

P.S. I may do another one of these Sewing machine post in the near future. So even more reason to subscribe and watch this space.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Projects for 2016

Hi again, Akhil here. I would like to share a core question with you all. "What will I be sewing in 2016?"
This is something I have thought about for sometime. In saying this I would like to make a public list of the projects I would love to complete (hopefully it gets completed as I am an enthused starter and a poor finisher. Can you relate?) this year.

The first things I would ideally like to start on in 2016 is to complete UFO's also known as unfinished object. I loathed the time I threw away projects, not only because of the precious space they take but the fact that I know I will never ever EVER finish it. Mainly because of my change of interest and left a project on standby long enough for me to forget what I was meant to make... don't you dare judge me! haha.
The unfinished projects which needs completing are 2 completed quilt tops which needs to be prepared for quilting, 3 quilts which are I need to complete piecing, 1 t-shirt made of a beautiful stripped light weight knit fabric which needs the neckline to be hemmed or bind (undecided) and side seams to be sewn together and 1 lovely navy blue coat which needs pockets, buttonholes and buttons to be sewn one. So... what do you think of my fantastic list of uncompleted sewing projects?

My list of projects to start making in 2016

- Fig Tree Quilt
- Carolina Lily Quilt
- Texas Garden Quilt

Specialty/Custom Quilt
Pokemon Quilt (more info about this quilt will be published soon.)

2 complete outfits consisting of a pair of pants, shirt and jacket

Make free-motion embroidery samplers.

So... here's my list of projects to start in 2016. I will be documenting my progress for each project from start to finish. Hopefully I haven't planned more than necessary... we'll see.

Thank you for reading another post. Until my next post happy sewing!

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Free-motion Embroidery Sampler

Hi again Akhil here. I have to be honest, after my very first post I had a huge mental blank of what I should actually post next. I had a few ideas in mind yet I just could not for the love in me decide what I should post next but then after sometime I decided what I should post with huge support help of good friend I got it. Free-motion embroidery! Over the past several days I developed an interest in adult coloring books. Being me I first googled for adult coloring in pages. What I found was just staggering. I had no idea how popular coloring books and pages were. So after sometime I came up with the idea of printing out a coloring in page off the internet, color the picture in to my liking and then finally embroidering this on to fabric for a piece that will last for a very long time. Much longer than the page I colored in knowing how bad I am at keeping my paperwork together. Anyhow I digress. Allow me to share my progress with this sampler I am currently making to practice my mediocre free-motion embroidery skills.

The drawing which I decided to use is this majestic peacock design I found under google images.

After I chose my design the majestical peacock. (by the way peacocks are among my most favorite animal.) I made a print out of this design and colored it in with the colours of my choice. I used a lot of different shades of blues, 2 shades of greens, gold and purple. The lotuses are not my main focus of this sampler however i used 3 shades of pinks for the lotuses.

Once I had completed most of the coloring in I sought out a way to print the out line of this beautiful design on to an A4 printer size piece of calico fabric because I ain't got the time nor the patience to trace all these lines on to fabric. I would suggest to use a white or beige color fabric so the lines can be seen easily after you print on fabric.

In preparation of the fabric to be used in your home inkjet printer I cut an A4 printer paper size rectangular piece of calico (I used the actual A4 size paper as my template). I starched my piece of fabric liberally with fabric starch. Dry the piece of fabric with a very hot dry iron. You can repeat this step a second if needed. I repeated this step twice. After this I stuck the piece of fabric on to a piece of A4 printer paper ensuring the size of my fabric matches as close as possible. Install this you prepared fabric into the printer and then just print. If you printer has a slot for single feed pieces of paper (hope I explained well enough for you to understand) use that.

Once I printed the design I removed the the fabric from the paper backing, hooped the fabric with 2 layers of tear-away stabilizer

And then just stitch with the thread colors which closely resembles the colors you used on you coloring in page which you will now use as a reference guide. I recommend using an open toe free-motion foot for this free-motion embroidery as you can see the outlines much better as you stitch.

Here is my latest progress!

Thank you guys for taking the time to read this. Have ago it's extremely fun and relaxing. Share your progress with me too with pictures and everything.

Friday, 1 January 2016

A Fresh New Year with Fresh New Exciting Adventures

Hello there to anyone who is reading this. My name is Akhil (Akhiller or my internet name Aka) and I love to sew, quilt and sometimes embroider. I am a self taught sewer who started back in mid to late 2008 on a cheap basic brother sewing machine, relying on various online resources like Youtube and awesome sewing websites to help me through my sewing journey, improving both my skills and knowledge. I love learning new sewing and quilting techniques from awesome mentors in sewing like Nancy Zeiman, Eleanor Burns from Quilt in a Day and Terry White. It has been so far a great journey.

My intentions of creating this blog is to share my sewing experiences with everyone on the internet. Document my projects from start to finish. Review new products I find useful in sewing. I can't wait to begin this new adventure in 2016. I hope to make this blog post as fun and as exciting as this very first post.

Wishing everyone a great 2016 Happy Sewing!